Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is the process of employees acquainting themselves with roles, policies and culture of the organization.

It entails the creation of an environment in which the employee is made comfortable enough to interact and establish social relationships.

Employees learn what the organization needs from them in terms of skills, communication, style, and attitude.

We will be sharing with you some tips which could be useful to make employees feel welcome.

Employee Welcome Folder
  • CONTACT THEM AHEAD: It can be a phone call, an email or a text message. In the same vein, reminding them that you look forward to their arrival and being part of your team.
  • PREPARE THEIR WORKSPACE: Make employee’s desk a blank canvas; Make tools for work readily available. Therefore, allowing them to modify it with personal touches like pictures or small potted plants.
  • CREATE A WELCOME PACK: A folder containing pieces of information like an ID card and company-branded materials; in addition to onboarding forms, a pen and notepad that should be given upon arrival. As a result, help them identify as part of the company from the first day.
  • TAKE THEM ON A TOUR: Take a tour around the office and facility. This would let new employees become familiar with the office environment. Show them essentials like the restrooms, meeting spaces, lunchrooms so as to avoid them getting lost in their first week.
  • GIVE THEM A TASK: Give employees tasks in order to enable them to settle into work with ease. Inform them that skills are valued. The task should be thoughtful and important but not crucial or needed immediately.
  • CONNECT WITH THEM OUTSIDE OF WORK: Add your new team members to your office groups on social media; inviting them out to bond outside the workplace.
  • ASK FOR FEEDBACK: Ask them how their first week has gone. Consequently, if they have any contributions or suggestions about their orientation, be positive and welcoming of contributions.

The success of employee onboarding depends on the efficiency of the onboarding program. Employees should be empowered to do their jobs; as a result, they are likely to become valuable and productive members of the organization.

In conclusion, onboarding is not just Human Resources’s job. It is the responsibility of the managers; who familiarizes the employees with roles in the company, their performance expectations, and the workplace culture.

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