Imperial Phoenix Consulting provides specialist advice, training and support with compliance, monitoring and evaluation to organizations in the public and private sectors. We have a particular interest and experience in working with organizations to assess the outcomes and impact of their work. We bring a range of skills as well as a sensitive and participative working style. Our overall approach to our work is based on partnership. We find that working together with our clients allows them to feel a sense of ownership of the evaluation process and findings rather than feeling that these have been imposed on them. We therefore consult and liaise regularly with our clients to keep them informed of progress against an agreed work plan. We can provide:

• training for organisations, specific teams or individuals – helping you to understand more about the key concepts involved in monitoring and evaluation
• hands-on practical help with setting up monitoring and evaluation systems – working with you to design and implement an evaluation framework or to improve existing monitoring and evaluation systems
• an evaluation of a specific project or work – ensuring that you can learn from and report effectively about the delivery of your services.

We set out a clear approach to training where we are committed to providing our client with consistent, high quality training programs for employees. We do not just conduct training in a vacuum, we work with our client to perform a training need analysis to identify specific training needs and requirements; not only does this improve working standards, it also maximizes job satisfaction. We always define to our clients the success we hope to gain and describe how we aim to achieve this. The result is a focused approach which will benefit our clients. Maybe you need a little more punch in your training program or maybe you have specific training needs you need help in fulfilling. The Imperial Phoenix Consulting HR team can work with you to develop a customized training program that will fit your individual needs.

One of our core strength is building long term relationship with our clients therefore we take the time to learn our clients culture and understand the type of person who is best fit to be effective in that environment. We understand that each client’s recruitment requirement differs so our team makes exact searches
based on clients’ requirement and procure candidate who best meet the job criteria and work closely with our clients’ requirement to conduct selections assessments where necessary.

Contact Information

Address: Suite 201-203 Bahamas Plaza, Plot 1080 Joseph Gomwalk St, Abuja

Phone: +2349055449788


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