Digital Skills Registration

In the 2020’s,  the importance of digital transformation will be more obvious especially in forming new partnerships in consultancies and cross-functional teams. This is why digital skill is not just an option, but a must-have in the present day business environment and realities.

This training would afford participants the opportunity to:

    • Learn new skills
    • Pursue new careers
    • Market and sell your product online
    • Learn tools that will give you the edge from the convenience of your phone  without breaking the bank.


This training aims to bridge the gap by providing training to equip individuals and organizations with digital skills to grow their business while creating value and succeed in the modern economy.

This training would help to:

    • Understand online opportunities
    • Discuss the benefits of digital platforms and how best to harness its potentials
    • Build an online presence for your business
    • Use analytical tools.


    • Understanding Digital and Traditional Marketing
    • Building an Online Presence
    • Search Engine Optimization 
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media Advertising and How to create Campaigns that work
    • Analytics for growing your business.

Each topic has its own sub-topics and will give a detailed breakdown of how you can harness the power of digital.

"Everything about the world today is digital", Register below to be part of that world.