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At Imperial Phoenix Consulting Limited (IPC), we provide custom-made Human Resource Management (HRM) solutions that enhances capacity development and productivity.

We are passionate about quality and dedicated to delivering outstanding value to our clients.


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To deploy innovative and effusive workforce and skills that solve multifaceted problems whilst improving people and organisational performance.

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To be a CITADEL of distinction and renowned for thriving people and innovation, Value creation and new opportunities, and as a leading management consulting firm, providing practical HR & business support to organizations across Nigeria and beyond.

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To be a dependable extension of your organisations vision and goals for the long haul. We have tailored solutions that can help you get off the ground, continue your growth, and maintain your competitive edge either as an MSME or a large corporation.

Our Services

Imperial Phoenix Consulting (IPC) Limited is an accredited Human Resources Consulting firm offering institutional and organizational development, organizational research and mentoring, training and development, business solutions to public and private organizations.

Human Resources Management Consulting

We help our clients build a viable and sustainable organization culture of excellence and continuous innovation.

Talent Acquisition Management and Outsourcing

We recruit, select and retain top talents who are well aligned to your organizational needs and business strategy.​

Training, Learning and Development

As human capital assumes a pivotal role in achieving organizational objectives, we implement programs that align your workforce with these objectives.

Business Solutions

We develop and deploy customized innovative solutions aimed at achieving increased business performance and customer satisfaction.​

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The Art of HR

Welcome to the Imperial Journal, where we share HR tips, explanatory videos and step to step guide on how you can manage your work-place effectively and efficiently.


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